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Geode up for offer [May. 25th, 2009|09:57 pm]
Bred Dragons: The place to adopt out your dragons.


I have a CB pebble pair which I only ever breed with one another. Twice now they have produced a geode. This is the second one. I wish to obtain geodes by some other means so as to keep things nice and not-possible-to-inbreed, so this one's up for grabs. (Obviously, not looking for a trade here. Just want to free up space.)

Breed: Geode
Egg or Hatchling: Egg
Mother (please add link to dragon): http://dragcave.net/view/n/Sardonychis%20Dracofamilia
Father (please add link to dragon): http://dragcave.net/view/n/Calculus%20Dracofamilia
Generation (optional): um... how do you calculate this? 1st bred gen from CB, whatever that is.
Gender (optional): n/a
Breeds in bloodline (optional): Pebble
Time egg will be abandoned including time zone: Open... when it's about to hatch or when I need the space
Inbreeding? Y / [N]
Comments: Freezing OK, trading away somewhere else is OK, and I don't care whether you name it or not, just please don't kill it, thanks.

I'm danaseilhan on AIM and dana.seilhan on Yahoo. If I don't answer I am probably afk and will try to respond later.

Adopt one today!