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Bred Dragons: The place to adopt out your dragons.
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About Us
This community has been made to let people who participate at dragcave.net.

This community is not about trading!

Instead, this is a community where you can place up your bred/picked-up dragon eggs or hatchlings for adoption, and have a place where people can pick up new eggs or hatchlings to fill out their scroll or to bring new bloodlines into your own breeding stables!

Have a request? Then check out our Request post!
1. There is no trading in this community! If you would like to trade, let us refer you to dragonbrood.

2. Only post up the eggs / hatchlings that you have up for adoption. You are not allowed to post your own for clicks here. If you are looking for clicks, please check out dragonspam or dragon_pens.

3. Please only place new posts in the community if you don't have another post already on the first page; if you do just edit your post with your new dragons.

4. Once an egg / hatchling has been adopted out, please either delete your post or if you have multiple eggs / hatchlings in your post just take out the already adopted baby. We do this so we don't have the community filled with unavailable eggs / hatchlings for our members.

5. If posting up eggs or hatchlings that belong to someone else, please make sure to place that you have their permission to do so.

6. If posting more than three eggs/hatchlings, please put the rest under a cut.

7. When placing up a post, please use this handy form to keep things uniform:

bred_dragons is in no way affiliated with dragcave.net. This is a fan run community!
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